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Aqueous Cleaning - EcoCFlex



EcoCFlex – outstanding cleaning quality, maximum flexibility and profitability

The technology of our EcoCFlex cleaning machine combines proven cleaning methods with the flexibility of a 6-axis robot, fully integrated into a treatment module. This design permits fast process optimization or adjustment, involving quick, minimum-effort workpiece changes or integration of new workpiece types.

Individual or palletized workpieces are picked up by the robot at a defined point outside the system and transferred into the multifunctional chamber for cleaning. Once the part is loaded, everything takes place in the same location: cleaning, air drying, and optional vacuum drying. The robot movements can be precisely adapted for specialized cleaning requirements via a workpiece specific program.

Field of application

  • Cylinder heads and crankcases
  • Clutch and transmission housings
  • Shift valve plates
  • Crankshafts and camshafts
  • Timing housings
  • ABS mouldings


  • Modular layout: add on options at a later time or adapt to any production line.
  • Individual, flexible configuration for different cleaning requirement.
  • Integration of different treatment systems in the multifunctional container.
  • The machine does not need a separate supply module, as it is equipped with an integrated tank and filtration system.
  • Short retooling times for workpiece changeovers or integration of additional types.
  • Optimized air concept: no more steam emissions during loading and unloading.


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