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Best alternative for TCE cleaning – Compact 80C



Degrease, Clean, Preserve using non-halogenated - Compact 80C

The Compact 80C machine uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons cleaning media. Thanks to its fully closed loop operation, this technology is the most suitable alternative for TCE (Trichloroethylene) cleaning.

By virtue of its modularity, the machine is capable of delivering highly precision cleaning results involving stringent Millipore requirements including particle sizes measurement. Due the presence of integrated distillation unit, the machine is capable of regeneration of entire cleaning media as well as performs the highly effective vapour degreasing process. Vapour degreasing aids in achieving very high oil freeness on the parts required for the surface coating viz. electroplating, carbon coating, etc. As the distillation is operating continuously, the system is designed to handle high amount of oil input without machine stoppage.

  • Suitable for removing oils, greases, emulsions and swarf from mass produced parts as well as for the fine cleaning of assembly parts.
  • Cleaning, vapour degreasing and drying process in an enclosed working chamber.
  • Double solvent filtration during filling and emptying of working chamber.
  • Manual or automatic loading of the parts basket in the working chamber.
  • Rotational and swivel movement to assist cleaning and drying process.
  • Complete Service support by cross-functional and qualified local service team across India
  • Compact foot print offers higher space efficiency
  • 50+ similar machines running successfully across India
  • Low cost per unit for cleaning due to energy conservation and distillation of cleaning media


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