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Deburring Systems and Products



Brush deburring

is applied to machined surfaces. The deburring is performed either by a single brush or by a rotary planetary head equipped with multiple brushes. This is a method with low production costs. The deburring machine can be a single deburring station connected to another machine (normally a washer), used for deburring one specific face of a part, or several stations designed for deburring of all faces of a specific part (engine block, head, crankshaft, etc.). Nevertheless, it is possible to deburr parts in flexible cells with CNC control.



 High pressure deburring

This application is used in parts where the brush deburring cannot be achieved or is not recommended. Examples are surfaces with OFFSET areas and deep holes with intersections. Deburring is obtained by the power of a water spray with more between 200 and 600 bar (2900 and 8700 psi). It is commonly used for blocks, heads and crankshafts, for deburring of intersections of lubrication holes, oil galleries and water jackets.


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