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Vibration Monitoring Systems

Why is machine monitoring necessary?

Since all machines are subject to wear during usage, certain maintenance and repair work will, in time, become necessary. To minimize cost and increase the time intervals of maintenance, any functional irregularity should be recognized before the machine itself is endangered. Through permanently installed monitoring instruments, this protection can be achieved, which works as a permanent guard of the machine at a very minimum cost.

Machine monitoring is especially important when machines are exceptionally susceptible to wear and tear and/or operate in hostile environments. Typical examples are blowers, compressors, air cleaners, fans, centrifuges, turbines and pumps.


Why to choose SCHENCK Vibration Monitoring Systems?

Keeping these factors esp. Safety.. in mind ‘SCHENCK RoTec’ offers a wide variety of Vibration monitoring system. It is important to note that measuring and monitoring the vibration level of rotating machinery is a proven method of detecting the early development of machine faults. An increase in the vibration level indicates changes in the dynamic properties of a machine caused by a deterioration of its moving parts. Here comes the urgent need of VC1000 as electronic watch-dogs .i.e. by permanently monitoring a machine, they reduce the need for human intervention as well as periodic measurements to a minimum. 

The vibration monitors both single channel and dual channel measure the condition of a machine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The built in alarm function secures early knowledge of all machine faults e.g. imbalances or misalignment. This allows the user  to handle problems before they cause breakdowns. Therefore, customer can assure operational continuity of your production and avoid unplanned machinery downtime, material costs, etc

Permanently installed VIBROCONTROL-1000 ensures protection of the machine through immediate detection. It monitors absolute bearing vibration using velocity transducers which represent a reliable criterion for the vibratory behavior of a machine with ball or roller bearings. It minimizes maintenance cost by recognizing the functional irregularity of the machine before damage and by increasing the time interval of maintenance.

We offers this model in several variants to suit the customer's requirement:

  1. Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-110)
  2. Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-110i).
  3. Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-110mi).
  4. Vibrocontrol 1000 (Model: CV-111).
  5. VC 1000/VM2 (in cabinet).


How VIBROCONTROL-1000 monitoring helps?

The VC-1000 can deliver the accurate, dependableprotection you need. The VIBROCONTROL-1000 family, is used when single-channel monitoring is sufficient to protect a machine. A typical configuration consists of 1 (2) sensors and electronic unit. The monitor is designed to convert the sensor signal into the monitored parameter, compare the measured value with limits and energize limit relays. The VC-1000 features a 0-10V & 0/4-20 mA output for system integration with a PLC. The VC-1000 is a single channel vibration monitor that accepts Electrodynamics type pickup i.e. velocity sensors e.g.VS-068 & VS-069. The monitoring instrument is equipped with two adjustable alarm limits. These limits are adjusted via a potentiometer. Exceeding the preselected limit activates the respective relay i.e. desired limits can also be set which will automatically shut the equipment down before a catastrophic failure occurs, an adjustable delay time for each relay prevents false alarms The limits Relays are available for warning devices in the event components deteriorate. The VC-1000 also features a third "OK" relay that continuously monitors pickup, cable and circuit connections to ensure proper system performance. A built-in-self test activates the OK relay if a sensor fault is recognized, contributing to the reliability of the system – a primary requirement for monitoring systems.


Parameters CV-110 CV-111 CV-110i CV-110mi VM-2 VC1000/VM2 (Cabinet)
No. of channels / input:
Signal from velocity pick up
One One One One Two X
Measuring Parameters: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Velocity : V rms
Displacement : S peak
Measuring Range: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Velocity 0-2/5/10/20/50 mm/sec
Displacement 0-20/50/100/500 µ m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Range: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Std. 10...1000Hz
Option1...1000Hz (for velocity only) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analog output (DC):0/4...20mA and 0...10V (2 outputs)
Working resistance:
500Ω Load resistance 100kΩ
Yes Yes Yes Yes 0 - 10V&4 - 20 mAfor both channels VM2 0-10V & 4-20mA (Dual) / Instr. VC-1000 0-10V & 0/4-20mA Per Instrument
Limits relay:
Adjustable range 10...100% of measuring range, 2 per channel
2 - 2 2 - for VC- 1000 only
Response delay: Yes - Yes Yes - for VC- 1000
Limit 1 & Limit 2 -1/3/10 sec
Self monitoring:
A separate normally energized"O.K. - Relay" in each channel
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supply voltage:
AC voltage: 230/115V (±10%) 50 Hz
DC voltage: 24V ± (10%)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating condition:
Operating temp. Range -30...+65°C
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Temp. Range -40...+100°C (Relative humidity max. 95% non condensing) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Housing Construction:
Sturdy Aluminium housing
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protection: IP65 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Velocity Transducer
Transducer VS-068 VS-069
Measuring direction Horizontal Vertical
Sensitivity at ƒn = 80
Hz and R = 4K
100 mV/mm/s ± 5% 100 mV/mm/s ± 5%
Operating temperature - 40...+100°C - 40...+100°C
Max. displacement ± 0.45 mm ± 0.45 mm
Cable 5 / 10 / 15m 5 / 10 / 15m
Weight (w/o cable) 500 g 500 g


Further information

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Mr.Yogesh Bhatt (Product Manager)

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