Hydraulic Dynamometers: These dynamometers are hydraulic absorption type and operate on the Fottinger Principle. As it is controlled via butterfly valve on the outlet side, fully controllable similar to an Eddy Current dynamometer and suitable for the use of combustion engines, turbines, automation equipments and other prime movers manufactured, tested and repaired.

Eddy Current Dynamometers: These high-performanceeddy current dynamometers are used wherever prime movers special components are developed, manufactured, tested and repaired. Example: engine endurance test, test for carburetors, injection pumps, ignition equipment & governors, testing for fuels & lubricating oils.

Schenck engine test systems form a closed unit, developed from the requirements of practical testing, tailor-made for the power range of current engine sizes. The test systems consist of the absorption dynamometers manufactured with great mechanical precision, and the modular electronic close loop electronic controller to control, regulation & automation.

Dynamometers are capable of testing the following:

  • Testing of high performance diesel engines to be used on military vehicles.
  • Regular tests on Engines, Running in schedule, Performance test, Preliminary test.
  • The normal functional tests such as cooling, lubrication, air intake, exhaust, fuel injection and fuel consumption, test for external characteristics, acceleration tests.
  • The Dynamometer can be used for power absorption and determining the Engine Power developed at various speeds


Material: All the components that come in contact with water such as Rotor, Stator, Controller Valve, Housing etc. are manufactured from sp Aluminum Bronze (4% Nickel, 10% Aluminum). This is found to be the best material to withstand corrosion and cavitations.

Flexure Support: Instead of conventional trunion bearings, Flexure Supports provides best accuracy while torque measurement. High torque measurement accuracy +0.2%with control accuracy of +1% and equipped with high quality imported pulse generator assuring the highest speed measurement accuracy thus helping to achieve best control accuracy of +10 RPM.

Loading of Engine: In Hydraulic Dynamometer loading is done by Servo Motor with Feedback Potentiometer, fast response, no hydraulic oil, pump or motor required.

In Eddy Current Dynamometer loading is done by Excitation coil along with water cooling chamber.

Water Inlet Pressure Safety: In Hydraulic Dynamometer water pressure is less than 0.4bar and hence no powerful pump required at inlet. Eddy Current Dynamometer water is required for cooling the Dynamometers. Magnetic Filter and Flow Switch is provided for safety of Dynamometer.

Moment of Inertia: Comparatively very low hence, easy to run & stop the engine without loading the cardan shaft.

Fitment of Flange: Special hydraulic fitment arrangement of the cardan shafts flange to avoid any looseness from the dynamometer side during the test.

Maintenance: Because of the features stated above, the dynamometers are virtually maintenance free & these dynamometers are running in the Indian industries from last 20 years or more without opening for maintenance.

The Dynamometer Controller, LSG 2010:

The Dynamometer controller unit is used to set the control mode as well all other options available for the load unit.The controller also has two displays that can be set to return information relating to the test engines performance.Connection of the LSG 2010 to the power supply dynamometer load unit, and external PC is accomplished through various ribbon and serial connections of which all are described in the following sections.



Speed constant, Torque constant, Open loop & Position controlled for dynamometer and throttle available.



Dynamometer Controller Power Supply:

The dynamometer controller power supply provides the power necessary to operate both the controller and the electronics on the load unit. Connections are accomplished through serial and power cables described in the following sections.


-   EDACs For engine development and testing.

-   Modular environment.

-   Function specific panel easy to navigate & user friendly.

-   Customized to user specific hardware configuration.

-   Hardware includes, various analogue input, outputs, counter timers& digital I/Os, which are specific to customer requirements.

-   The entire solution is developed on PC based SCADA.


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